Corporate Visa Immigration Services

Corporate Visa Immigration Services

(1). 482(TSS) Visa: – This visa allows applicants to be sponsored by an approved business employer as per their skill requirements of a position to be filled by the applicant, where the employer is unable to fill the position through local skilled employees.

For Applicants/Employees: – An applicant must have 2 years of work experience in one of the closely related occupations mentioned in the Medium & Temporary skilled shortage skill list prior to lodging a visa application.

For Sponsors/Employers: – A sponsor/nominator of an unfilled position must be approved as a business sponsor before sponsoring an applicant as per the legislation prepared by the Department of Immigration.

Visa Duration: – The period of visa granted depends upon a skill being opted from either MLTSL or STSOL list, where occupations in short term skill list will be granted a 2 years visa or 4 years unless and until an International Trade Obligation (ITO) applies. However, on the other hand a 4-year visa is granted if a skill is in the MLTSL skill list.

Application Process: – This visa comprises of three steps: –

(i). Sponsorship is the first step where the business applies to be an approved sponsor, where the business needs to show that is operating for at least one financial year and fulfils the sponsorship obligation of training benchmarks.

(ii). Nomination is the second part of the process, where the business nominates a position that needs to be filled with an overseas worker, as the business is unable to find from the Australian market. However, the conditions of nomination are quite stringent, where the position should offer a minimum salary (TSMIT) of $53,900 or as per the market cap rate of a particular position.

(iii). Visa Application is the final step of the process, where the applicant or the potential employee will lodge the visa application by meeting the 482 English requirements along with required skill assessment and 2 years relevant experience.

Eligibility: – The minimum requirement to apply for this visa is to have at least 2 years of experience in a relevant field.

(2). Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS- 186 visa): – This kind of visa allows applicants/skilled employees to be granted a permanent visa, which can be applied through three different streams:

(i). The Temporary Residence Transition stream: – This particular stream allows applicants with current visa holders holding either a TSS 482 visa or 457 visa to be nominated by their employers.

(ii). Direct Entry Stream (DE): – In this stream the applicant is eligible to apply for this visa if the potential applicant holds a valid assessment in the nominated occupation plus at least three years of experience in the relevant occupation.

(iii). Labour Agreement Stream (LA Stream): – This stream is only applicable when the employer has an agreement with the government in terms of Labour hiring.

Eligibility:- The minimum requirement for this category of visa is to be under 45 years of age or be exempted under the legislative instrument provided by Immigration department; minimum English(Competent) proficiency, a minimum of at least 2-3 years of relevant work experience depending upon your current type of visa held.

(3). Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS) 187 Visa: – In order to be granted this kind of visa, the applicant must be sponsored by an employer located in the regional parts of Australia, which have been allocated by the Department of Immigration as regional post codes including: –

(i). The entire area of Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Australian Capitol Territory (ACT), Northern Territory (NT); (ii). Every area of Victoria excluding Melbourne, every area of Queensland excluding Brisbane, Entire area of New South Wales (NSW) excluding New Castle, Woolongong and Sydney.

Application stages & procedures: –

(a). Advertising & Certification: – The employer in this step must advertise and get the position certified with the regional certifying body.
(b). Nomination: – Nominating the position and getting it reviewed and approved by the Department of Immigration.
(c). Visa Application: – The applicant applies visa with the Immigration along with the supporting documents.

Visa Application under applicable streams: –

(a). The Temporary Residence Transition stream
(b). The Direct Entry stream

Eligibility: –

(a). The applicant must be under 45 years of age unless the applicant has been exempted according to the legislative instrument by Immigration department.
(b). must have at least two to three years of relevant work experience as per the applicant’s current visa.
(c). must meet the English Language requirements(Competent English) in addition to skill assessment.
(d). also meet the requirements of one of the streams through which the visa is applied.

(4). Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) 400 Visa: – This kind of visa allows an applicant to work for an employer on a short term basis for a special project or for work related to Australia’s best interests, which should be related to highly specialised field engulfing any type of overseas technology not available in Australia, where it is difficult to hire someone with a specialised skill in Australia, and most importantly the work must not be on-going.

Visa Duration: – Generally the duration of this particular visa is up to 3 months, but it can vary and stretch up to 6 months depending on an individual’s demands and eligibility (limited circumstances).

Eligibility: – Be invited or supported by an organisation for carrying out the highly specialised tasks related to skills that are not easily available through professionals in Australia, and is best related to Australia’s interests.

(5). Temporary Activity Visa (408): – This particular visa stream allows prospective applicants to live and stay in Australia temporarily under various work activities such as: –
(a). work related to entertainment industry
(b). participation in activities after getting invited by an Australian organisation
(c). Observing or participating in an Australian research project
(d). working in a skilled position under a staff exchange program
(e). Participating in a high level sports competition or sports training programs
(f). Participation in a specialised programme arranged by a department that provides opportunities for youth exchange program, cultural enrichment or community benefits
(g). Involve in full time religious work as a priest
(h). be an existing crew member of superyacht
(i). Be involved as a full time domestic work in the household of a senior floreign diplomat or executive
(j). participation in a government sponsored event

Visa Duration: –

(i). 3 months: – if the activity is related a specific work or an event
(ii). 4 years: – if will to be involved in a government related activity
(iii). 2 years: – For all other work or activities

Eligibility: –

(a). intend to stay in Australia for 3 months or less then sufficient or adequate funds, and should be outside Australia, and be sponsored or supported by an employer or an organisation who are responsible for the relevant activity and qualify the sponsor test.
(b). Intend to stay in Australia for more than 3 months and get sponsored and supported by an approved sponsor who passes the sponsorship test
©. Adequate sufficient funds
(d). Arrangements of a Health insurance
(e). Genuine intention to stay temporarily in Australia and work in the specified activity only. (Genuine temporary entrant GTE)

(6). Training Visa (407): – Training visa allows the applicant to visit Australia and take part in the workplace-based training or to enhance the skills in a relevant field, field of expertise, or area of tertiary study, or
Participate in a professional development-training program in Australia.

Eligibility: – In order to be eligible for this visa the applicant must be nominated by an organisation in Australia or been invited by the Commonwealth Government agency, be at least 18 years of age and possess at least Functional proficiency in English language.